App Landing Page

In this article

we will describe how to use the Shelf Planner home dashboard to analyze your stock, sales forecast, or replenish your stock based on order recommendations.


The main landing page in the app shows you your store's performance at a glance and recommendations that might need your attention.  

1. Top items to replenish

2. Purchase Orders

3. Sales & Stock projection

4. Stock Summary

5. Tips & Recommendations

1. Top items to re-order

The first table shows the 10 items that might need immediate attention. 



2. Purchase orders

This is where you find a summary of your placed orders. If orders pass there delivery date, you will receive a notification.

All detailed information (view all orders) can be found under the Order Proposals and the Order History pages.


3. Sales & Stock projection

The graph on the right top of the dashboard shows your store's Sales Forecast in combination with your store's Stock projection. 

Based on your sales forecast, incoming and current stock, we project the stock on hand for the next 26 weeks.


The 'View More' button brings you to the Sales & Stock Projection page, where you can review the same projections on product level.

4. Stock Summary

The Stock Summary report shows the main KPI's of your store at a glance.

If you have set up your suppliers and updated product settings with cost and supplier information, you will find the key measures for your store here.

For individual product and category information, you can find the same KPI's on the Stock Detail page:


5. Tips & Recommendations

On the lower left corner of the screen, our Shelf Planner team will provide you with insightful tips and recommendations that will help you to improve your business.

These can be anything from user guides to recommendation the Shelf Planner engine provides. In the example below, the tips are generated when products are missing Cost Prices: