Product Settings

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In this article we'll show the product management functions, discuss the different KPI's and measures and explain how you can make the most of them to improve your inventory and get the right recommendations for your store.

Product Settings

On the Product Settings page, you can open the edit function with the pencil icon:

A popup appears for the item with the values you can change:


The Supplier field is a drop down list. You will have to set up a supplier before you can assign a product to a supplier.

Supplier Product ID

Supplier Product ID and Supplier Product References are free text fields where you can add additional supplier specific information, for example SKU references or Supplier product descriptions.

Both of these fields will also appear on Purchase Orders and the when PDF's are generated.

Lead Time

The Lead Time is one of the KPI's that has a significant impact on your order proposals. 

The number represents the amount of weeks it take for a supplier to deliver the goods to your warehouse. 

The Lead Time by Product overrides the Lead Time by Supplier and also the Default Lead Time for your store.

Product Settings Table Filter

The product settings contains a number of measures and KPI's. You can filter and add or remove columns from the tables with the Column Selector:

Product ID and and Product Name are static values and cannot be removed.