Getting Started

Installation, set up and synchronization


In this article

we will explain the first steps after installation, the different processes that are running in the background and what parameters to set to get started with Shelf Planner.


Getting Started Tour

After installation and account creation, a Getting Started tour is shown in the lower left side of the page:

We recommend you to have a look at these steps, as they will both introduce you to some of the logic in the app, but also set your store up for initial forecasts and order proposals.


Embedded Support

On the lower right side of the screen, you will find the Support element. 

The Support element contains three pages; 

Support - Home

On the home part of the support element you will find general information and links to some of the most read articles.

Support - News

Here you will find news about upcoming developments and release notes. When we release a new feature, we typically will introduce these with guided tours, which can be found there.

Support - Feedback

We love feedback, positive or negative - anything that can help us to make our app better. 

You can leave comments directly to the development team, using screenshots and short video clips.