Order Proposals

In this article

we will discuss how the order proposals are generated, how you can fine-tune the recommendations with different parameters and what you can do next. 

(For more information about the Order Proposal report on the Landing Page, please look at the pages Homepage & Analytics)

Order Proposals

Shelf Planner generates Order Proposals for all your products, based on your customer demand, actual sales and external factors. 

The main table on the Order Proposals page shows all products that can be reordered and have a Order Proposal generated for them.

The table is automatically filtered on items that need to be replenished. The table is filtered descending from the Weeks to Stock Out column. 

There are a number of parameters and measures that determine the final order proposal

Ideal Stock

The Ideal Stock is calculated by the Shelf Planner engine and is based on: 

  • your sales forecast
  • incoming stock
  • current stock

Every night, your sales forecast is updated. This ensures you always have the latest picture of each product's performance and trends. 

Current Stock


Inbound Stock


Order Proposal


Weeks To Stock Out