Set Up Suppliers

In this article

we will describe how to set up suppliers, manage suppliers and assign products to them, create purchase orders and track incoming stock.

Create New Supplier

On the supplier page, use the 'New' button on top of the table:

A pop up appears where you can enter the main Supplier details, such as name, lead times, location and currency:


There are a number of mandatory fields required when creating a Supplier:

ValueDescriptionMandatory (Y/N)Source
Supplier NameFree text, Supplier NameYesUser defined, free text
CountryDrop Down, Country of OriginYesUser defined, Drop Down List
AddressFree text, AddressNoUser defined, free text
Postal CodePostal Code, free textNoUser defined, Drop Down List
Supplier IDFree TextNoUser defined, free text
Average Lead Time in WeeksThe average number of weeks it take for the supplier to recieve goods from the supplier.NoUser defined, integer, weeks
Supplier CurrencyCurrency used for placing the Purchase OrderYesUser defined, Drop Down
Payment TermsDropdown, selection of predefined payment termsNoUser defined, Drop Down


Supplier Settings

Two critical settings are important when creating a new supplier:

  • Average Lead Time in Weeks
  • Supplier Currency

Supplier Lead Time

Supplier lead times are used when calculating the Order Proposals. They are also used to prefill the Expected Delivery Date on the

Supplier Currency

A drop down list of currencies, which will be used in calculation of Cost Prices.

Payment Terms

The payment terms are predefine by us on the back end and the user can choose between:

  • None
  • Payment in advance
  • Net 7 days
  • Net 14 days
  • Net 30 days
  • Net 45 days
  • Net 60 days